Ted Gaudet (1948 – 2014)

It is with great sadness that we received the news that our dear friend Ted had passed away in New Brunswick.

Ted Gaudet was a leader, a mentor, and a friend to many in the HIV/AIDS movement in Canada. For a quarter of a century, Ted lived with HIV. He did not let it define him, he defined his response to this illness and he became involved in the response to HIV locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

He has worked to fight the stigma, discrimination, and misunderstanding the helps to make this disease such a burden for so many who are touched by it. As a leader, he has been acknowledged by many awards, including the most recent awarding of CAS’ Leadership Award earlier this month. He has been involved in many boards and committees, was the president of AIDS New Brunswick, was a part of GNP+NA and was an active member of the of the many communities he was a part of.

Surrounded by family and friends, Ted has lived a good life and he will be missed by many.

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