Module 4

“One of the main impacts (of U=U) is for people living with HIV to stay adherent to their ARV’s, so that they not only cannot pass the virus on and have a normal sex life. But they also can use the U=U messaging to help others to stop stigmatizing  people living with HIV and make HIV just another virus or condition (like diabetes or cancer). It helps our self-esteem to not feel like vectors of disease.”

– Participant, U=U Consultations, 2024

Supporting the U=U message means addressing misconceptions and fears within communities, such as the fear that HIV-related initiatives might be vulnerable to far-right politics. Making efforts to build trust assures safety for engaging with HIV-positive individuals.

Peer support, community-led efforts, and powerful messaging are all ways to overcome stigma, increase education, and improve the quality of life for women living with HIV. Sharing stories of people living with HIV who have achieved an undetectable viral load can be powerful in reducing stigma and promoting understanding. This presents the opportunity for community, organizations and peer support networks to provide holistic care in addressing the social, emotional, and practical needs of people living with HIV. 

By taking these steps, you can help empower individuals to understand and embrace U=U, fostering a more supportive and informed environment.


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