One Foot Forward: A GIPA Training Toolkit, Modules i – 7

Module i – 7: One Foot Forward: A GIPA Training Toolkit is a collection of seven educational modules designed by and for people living with HIV/AIDS to assist them in building capacity and in acquiring leadership skills that promote their greater and more meaningful involvement in communities across the country.

A plain-language, bilingual resource, One Foot Forward offers training on:

  • the principle of greater involvement (GIPA);
  • effective, knowledgeable leadership;
  • identity, diversity and disclosure issues;
  • community-based AIDS organizations;
  • boards and governance; and
  • working effectively in groups.

The toolkit also includes activities and helpful hints to enable people living with HIV to grow in personal empowerment by strengthening their communication, presentation and organizational skills, including their ability to engage in policy dialogue, negotiate, network, plan programs and participate in governance. It also strengthens knowledge with respect to the medical, legal and social aspects of HIV/AIDS. In addition to helping people living with HIV/AIDS advance their community knowledge and awareness, the GIPA Training Toolkit also fosters awareness of their own values, talents and interests.

Download the toolkit:

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