One Foot Forward: A GIPA Training Toolkit, Module 10

This module is one of a series based on the Greater Involvement of People Living with AIDS (GIPA) principles and intended to assist people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV/AIDS) to become more meaningfully involved in their communities. It is intended for older adults with an interest in learning more about the GIPA principles, how an agency works and where they might contribute, finding and discovering their own voice and interests, learning about some of the ways aging intersects with HIV, and the value they bring through sharing their experiences.

This module will not make decisions for you, nor will it offer all the information available to help PLWHIV/AIDS to become more meaningfully active and engaged. But it will start you on a path to engagement and active living.

Download the toolkit module: One Foot Forward, Mod 10: Active, Aging and HIV+

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