Is it New funding? … or No funding? Only the Minister knows for sure.

NDP health critic Don Davies is alleging that Health Minister Jane Philpott is misleading the House of Commons on funding levels to HIV community-based organizations—but Health Minister Jane Philpott denies the charge and says that the money is there.

You can check out the allegation at this link:

To be sure, the current situation is all quite bewildering … with a complete lack of transparency from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) on the one hand, and confusing (or should that be confused?) statements by the Minister on the other.

One thing is certain however: the fight against HIV is not yet over—and communities are at the centre of the battle!

Cutting back and de-funding 33% of community-based HIV organizations across the country is devastating for People Living with HIV (PLWHIV). Without the support and care safety net that community-based organizations provide, the transmission rate of HIV infections will increase.

The federal government must recognize this and restore funding to community-based organizations that have been de-funded and increase the Federal Initiative for HIV/AIDS to a realistic level that can ensure we eradicate HIV.

You can be sure that we are working on getting to the bottom of this as we aim to restore comprehensive and predictable funding levels for community-based organizations across the country.

In Solidarity

Gary Lacasse

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