The Medical Use of Cannabis Webinar Series

The Canadian AIDS Society has produced a three-episode webinar series on The Medical Use of Cannabis (Marijuana) with CAS’ Resident Expert: Lynne Belle-Isle, National Programs Consultant.

Part 1: The Science

This episode provides details about cannabis and how its active compounds, cannabinoids, work in the body. It highlights the latest state of knowledge regarding the use of cannabis for managing symptoms associated with a variety of medical conditions and features some personal stories. It explains how to obtain cannabis for medical purposes and provides insights into understanding the physicians’ perspective.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Danial Schecter, Family Physician, Executive Director and CoFounder of the Cannabinoid Medical Clinic.

Watch the webinar: The Science

Part 2: The Law

This episode provides a brief overview of cannabis law in Canada and the history of access to cannabis for medical purposes. It explains how to obtain legal access to cannabis for medical purposes and clarifies what is legal and what is not under the regulations. Our guest speaker, Kirk Tousaw, provides an update on pending court cases and their possible implications and addresses some issues that remain unresolved under the regulations.

Guest Speaker: Kirk Tousaw, barrister, Tousaw Law Corporation.

Watch the webinar: The Law

Part 3: Safer Use and Better Health

This episode provides an overview of how cannabis is used and in what forms, how it works in the body, different strains and their different effects, dosing, precautions and contraindications, tips for safer growing, how to access cannabis legally for medical purposes and tips on talking to your physician.

Guest Speaker: Hilary Black, Director of Patient and Community Services, Bedrocan Canada.

Watch the webinar: Safer Use and Better Health

This webinar series has been developed by the Canadian AIDS Society in collaboration with the Canadian Treatment Action Council, the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Pain Coalition, the Chronic Pain Association of Canada, the Drug Users Advocacy League and Positive Living BC.

Funding to make this webinar series possible is provided by Tweed.
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