Robert M. Julien (1967 – 2005)

Rob was actively involved in local HIV/AIDS groups in Calgary since 1997, including the HIV Peer Support Group, Positive Action and the AIDS Calgary Awareness Association, where he worked and volunteered. He was also active in provincial HIV work in Alberta.

Rob worked on many initiatives together and his energy and devotion never ceased to amaze those around him. No matter how he felt and no matter how much pain he was in, Rob found an inner strength to carry on. He often commented, “…Well, someone’s gotta do it, why not me…” Rob was always willing to jump in with both feet to help out, he would never say ‘no’ to helping others. One of the last big initiatives that he was involved in was the Straight to Diva fundraiser for HIV Peer Support on April 9, 2005. Some 200 plus hours of organization and Rob’s spirit was still radiating with abundance. He was very proud of the accomplishment and as the front man for the HIV Peer Support Group, he did interviews on TV and Radio and Magazine articles.

We will all dearly miss you Rob. Words cannot express the value you have given, and what you have become to us all. We are richer in our lives because of you, laughter has filled our hearts because of you and sorrow fills them for the loss of you.

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