Hotlines & Support

If you have questions about HIV/AIDS, think you may be infected, or would like to find out how to arrange for testing in your community, please contact the number provided for your province or territory.

You can find your nearest location for HIV and HCV testing by going to: (An excellent resource provided by National Partner CATIE).

You can also assess your risk and find your nearest testing location in Quebec by downloading the Sexposer app for Android or iPhone (in English and French) – thanks to CAS member organization Portail VIH.

Finally, you can also find out about treatment options from National Partner CTAC’s Treatment Map (TxMAP). This new map is a comprehensive online tool that allows community members, service providers, and policy researchers to access information about HIV and hepatitis C treatments available through provincial, territorial, and federal public drug plans in Canada.

Yukon1-800-661-0408, ext. 8323
Northwest Territories1-800-661-0844
Nunavut & Eastern Arctic1-800-661-0795
British Columbia1-800-661-4337
Quebec811 (more info)
New Brunswick1-800-561-4009
Nova Scotia1-800-566-2437
Prince Edward Island1-800-314-2437
Newfoundland & Labrador1-800-563-1575
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