We do not know how many trans people are living with HIV. Canada does not yet track this information. However, international research (Baral et al, 2013) says that trans women “are a very high burden population for HIV and are in urgent need of prevention, treatment and care services.”

The Canadian AIDS Society continues to work with the trans communities and other partners to develop resources to build capacity among community-based organizations and to encourage governments to address the information gaps where trans people are concerned.

Key Transgender support resources

Organization Description Canada CPATH The Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health is an interdisciplinary professional organization which works to support ...
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Publicly Funded Transition-related Medical Care in Canada

All provinces and one territory in Canada provide public health insurance coverage for various gender/transition-related medical treatments or surgical procedures ...
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Trans rights legislation in Canada

With the passage of Bill C-16, history was made in June 2017 with both gender identity and gender expression now ...
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The CAS Year 2016-17 in Review: Towards Re-igniting our Movement

It’s a changing landscape for the HIV movement — certainly more volatile and unpredictable than any time over the past ...
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Transgender issues webinar series

The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) is pleased to present its series on transgender issues. These webinars, conducted in association with various ...
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The Trans* Toolkit: Practical Resources for Community-Based Organizations

The Canadian AIDS Society and the Trans* Community Advisory Committee are happy to provide you with a copy of The ...
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Trans* Needs Assessment Report

This Trans Needs Assessment was undertaken by the Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) between the Fall of 2012 and the Spring ...
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