Obituary Posting Policy

CAS is committed to ensuring respectful and equitable remembrance of those in the HIV/AIDS movement who are gone, but not forgotten. With this in mind, the following guidelines have been developed.

  1. Postings commemorate someone who was one or more of the following:
    1. a person who was HIV positive or;
    2. an HIV/AIDS activist/contributor or;
    3. associated with CAS or one of our member groups (client, volunteer, board member, staff or partner) or;
    4. recommended by a member group, staff or Board member.
  2. Unless the person was directly associated with CAS (staff, volunteer, board member or partner), we will need to receive a formal request for the posting (request a posting).
  3. Obituaries are posted on the Remembering Our Losses page.
  4. If we do not already have one, please provide a short biography (and if possible) a photograph of the person. To conserve space and ensure fairness for all individuals who are posted, we ask that biographies be kept under 200 words. If submissions are longer than this, we may need to edit them. If the biography is provided in English only or French only, we will arrange for a summary translation in the other language.
  5. Obituaries generally only include the name of the person, their year of birth and death, biography and picture (if available).
  6. The Remembering Our Losses page is retroactive to April 1, 2002.
  7. Please note that, due to space, time and other considerations, we may not be able to accommodate all requests. We thank you for your understanding and support.

(Effective December 17, 2003)

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