Nicola Diliso, 1964-2024

Nicola “Nicki” Diliso, a vibrant and compassionate soul, embraced life with zeal and encouraged others to do the same. As a dedicated volunteer, particularly for The AIDS Committee of Ottawa, he tirelessly advocated for equality and respect for all, leaving an indelible mark on the HIV/AIDS and Harm Reduction communities locally and globally. Diagnosed during the era when HIV was known as GRIDS, Nicola approached each day with joy, donning a tutu and pointed shoes, symbolizing his carefree spirit. His love for adventure and storytelling, paired with his Italian heritage, created a tapestry of unforgettable moments for those fortunate enough to know him. Although he has left us, Nicola’s legacy of living authentically and spreading joy will endure through the cherished memories of his family and countless friends.

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