Microbicides: Community Mobilization Kit, 3rd Edition

This kit is designed to be used at the local level by those organizations interested in increasing awareness about microbicides: a female-controlled method of reducing the risk of HIV and other STDs. Included in this kit are suggested ways of raising awareness around this issue. This kit can help organizations get the message out to the media, government officials, as well as to other like-minded organizations. We encourage the reproduction of materials found in this kit. This kit is the first phase of a larger microbicide advocacy campaign. As such the Canadian AIDS Society would also like to know your level of interest in regard to this issue.

The Canadian AIDS Society wants to raise awareness of women’s risk of sexually transmitted diseases and the need for new prevention alternatives for women; educate the public about topical microbicides as a promising new prevention technology; and bring this issue to the attention of federal, provincial, and territorial health ministers, through a letter writing campaign.

The mobilization kit is intended to provide education and awareness-raising to help local organizations and policy makers understand the need for prevention alternatives, by providing information and advocacy tools.

Activities could include any of the following: educational workshops; dissemination of information through Internet; media, and print; and information exchange among local organizations.

The Canadian AIDS Society would like different stakeholders to participate in the letter writing campaign, to the ministers of health, asking for action on the development of microbicides.

This mobilization kit has been developed with the help of the Center for Health and Gender Equity.

We would like to thank CHANGE for allowing us to reproduce information, wholly and/or in part. This Community Mobilization Kit has been adapted from the Action Kit, Global Campaign for STD/HIV Prevention Alternatives, produced by:

Center For Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE)
6930 Carroll Ave., Suite 910
Takoma Park, MD 20912
Tel: (301) 270-1182

Download the report: Microbicides

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