More than just rolling up your sleeves: an HIV vaccine preparedness kit

This toolkit is designed to meet the needs of and build the capacity of five populations most affected by HIV in Canada, including men who have sex with men, women between the ages of 18 and 29, people living with HIV/AIDS, people who use injection drugs, and African, Caribbean and Black communities.

With a series of nine modules and an extensive glossary and list of resources, More than Just Rolling up Your Sleeve describes: how vaccines work with the immune system; how vaccine strategies are tested in the clinical trial process; action community groups can take at each phase; and discoveries made by the latest research on vaccines and other new prevention technologies, such as PrEP and microbicides. Specific resources for each of the targeted communities, as well as for youth from those communities, are also available as part of the toolkit.

Download the toolkit:  More than just rolling up your sleeves

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