HIV and Sexual Health Testing Toolkit

The new HIV and sexual health testing toolkit is a collection of resources for community-based sexual health organizations. The resources are meant to be personalised and distributed to various places in your community, and flexibility has been built into each piece of the kit. This toolkit is meant to give you a set of tools to address sexual health testing in a sex positive manner, while still also stressing the importance of testing as part of a holistic approach to health.

The potential audience for this kit is anyone in your community, and each piece of the kit allows you to present information in a different type of location. For example, the presentation is designed to be a go-to resource for talks at community organizations/centres and can be customized to suit the audience you are going to present to. Another example is the brochure and poster, which are available in 2 formats (red/white and black/white) so that you can place high-contrast copies in places like seniors’ centres or doctor’s offices, and brightly coloured copies in places like coffee shops or community notice boards where the bright colours may attract greater attention.

By customizing the resources, you can tailor this kit to best suit the needs of both your community and your organization. Should you have any questions about the resources, please contact the Canadian AIDS Society ( or 1-800-499-1986), and we would be more than happy to help you get the most out of this kit. Please note that the toolkit is intended as a “living document” that will evolve with the times through the input of our audiences.

Resources included in the toolkit:

  1. Poster (in two colour schemes)
  2. HIV testing brochure (in two colour schemes)
  3. HIV and sexual health testing presentation
  4. List of useful online videos in English and French

Download and learn:

The kit can be downloaded from Google Drive at:


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