Gay men’s fact sheets

For over 25 years, health issues for gay men have been entrenched in HIV. A multifaceted approach to gay men’s health moves from seeing HIV as the sole definer of health to looking at the broader spectrum of health determinants.

The emotional, spiritual, mental and physical conditions of gay men all come equally into play in the struggle to maintain good health and well being. A healthy lifestyle and mental well being are key to successfully negotiating situations that place gay men at an increased risk of HIV transmission.

Stigma, discrimination, coming out, drug and alcohol use, and ageism, are some of the social determinants of health that affect gay men in a multitude of ways.

To address these issues in a clear, concise and easy-to-read fashion, we have produced the following fact sheet series.

Fact sheet #1 – Gay Men and Health

Fact sheet #2 – Coming Out

Fact sheet #3 – Sexual Health and Safer Sex

Fact sheet #4 – Sexually Transmitted Infections

Fact sheet #5 – Relationships

Fact sheet #6 – Mental and Emotional Health

Fact sheet #7 – Gay Men, Drugs and Alcohol

Fact sheet #8 – Aging Well, Ageism and Gay Men

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