Coronavirus (COVID-19): Update from the Canadian AIDS Society

The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) staff have been working from their homes, continuing our work while doing our part to flatten the spread of COVID-19.

We will be following crucial developments as they unfold, and we are with you all in solidarity. We hope that your organizations, staff, volunteers and the people you serve stay healthy.

As the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, one of our national partners, is monitoring ongoing human rights issues, we will be monitoring their feeds and sharing their findings.

For information on the economic response from the government please visit this page from the Government of Canada’s Department of Finance. We are reaching out to different ministries to see what economic help will be offered to the non-for-profit sector (there are a couple of sectors listed, but more sectors need assistance). We will continue to share any updates.

We truly want to express our support for all of our partners, this is a time to lift each other up. If you are in need of any help or need to reach out to us, please visit our website’s staff page to find the appropriate email address.

We are facing challenging times, and we must take care of each other and of our communities. We can still emotionally support each other while physically apart. 

We will get through these challenging times together. Stay safe, stay healthy. 

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