2017 PLWHIV Forum Scholarship Application

This form is also available for submission online.

The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) scholarship program offers financial assistance to individuals with or without ASO affiliation and member organization representatives as a way to encourage attendance to the PLWHIV Forum (Forum) and Annual Meeting (AM). Depending on available funding, scholarships may or may not cover all costs associated with attendance. Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek additional sources of funding.

Scholarship awards will be determined by the Canadian AIDS Society, based on a fully completed scholarship application form. All answers in each application will be assessed objectively. The number of scholarships awarded depend on availability of funds for the specific event. Scholarships are evaluated on regional basis and awarded equally across regions as much as possible.

Please read the Scholarship Application FAQ before completing this form.

All information contained on this application is confidential and will only be used for the purpose of evaluating scholarship applications for the 2017 PLWHIV Forum. 

The PLWHIV Forum will be held on Wednesday May 24 – Thursday May 25, 2017 at the … (date & location to be confirmed). Out-of-town delegates would arrive the evening prior to meeting day and depart morning after last meeting day.

Please note that the PLWHIV Forum can only be attended by persons living with HIV/AIDS.

PLWHIV Scholarship Submission Deadline: Monday March 20, 2017.

Submit your completed form online or by fax or scan and e-mail to: Canadian AIDS Society | Fax: 613-563-4998 | E-mail: bernice.aye@cdnaids.ca.

Contact the CAS office if you have any questions.

Please print or type clearly. A separate form and certification is to be completed for each applicant.

2017 PLWHIV Forum Scholarship Application (WORD)

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