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Election 2015

Canada is committed to stopping new infections and ensuring the health of people living with HIV. To do so, we need political leaders from all parties to return funding promised to Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada. We also need them to stand up and fight for the health and social policies that will stem the epidemic.

The Canadian AIDS movement can’t work alone. We need your help as voters to assist us in ensuring that our leaders also bring forward the important health and social justice issues that are at the root of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Exercise your democratic right to vote and hold leaders accountable.


This October, we encourage everyone infected and affected by HIV to cast their vote.

We call upon all community members to overcome the barriers that discourage them from voting. Factors such as homelessness, incarceration or lack of transportation should not prevent Canadians from voting. Information, awareness and community support work to make the voting process clear and accessible. Use the tools and information on this site to make this happen.

Sustainable Funding for the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada

In 2004, the Federal Government announced The Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada: Strengthening Federal Action in the Canadian Response to HIV/AIDS. It included a funding increase from $42.2 million to $84.4 million by 2008-09. The full amount of the initiative has not been implemented as committed. The funding should have reached $84.4 million under the initiative several years ago, yet $11.8 million has not be released as intended. Over the last six years more than $70 million has not been distributed for treatment, care, support, and prevention, as originally committed. These reductions direct impact the AIDS service organizations that are providing front line service to people living with HIV/AIDS. The number of infections in Canada continues to increase and the national response is essential to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS in Canada. We are asking all parties to restore the $84.4 million to the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada, as originally intended.

Health and Social Justice Issues remain at the Forefront of Candidate Debate

HIV is more than a health issue. An effective response to the epidemic must be tied to policies targeting social issues such as poverty, housing, human rights and harm reduction. CAS is calling on candidates to tell Canadians what they plan to do to address the social determinants of health, and uphold the social and economic rights of people vulnerable to, infected or affected by HIV.


Democracy is not a spectator's sport - talk to your candidates!

CAS has provided questions that you can ask your candidates. They will be phoning you and knocking on your door. They will be attending local debates and other media events. They will be reading their email. Use these opportunities to ask questions, and hold them accountable to you - The Voter!

Click on the following topics for sample questions that you can use, or link to other NGOs who are actively following these issues during the election. Let us know the positions of candidates in your area.


End of Life

Gay Men

Greater Involvement of PLWHIV/AIDS

Harm Reduction

Hepatitis C


MSM and Blood Donation


Prevention and PrEP




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